About Me.

Hi Everyone, I’m Laura OPAL Wegner. I created this blog to help people transition to a vegan lifestyle because I know how difficult and frustrating it can be.

You are basically changing a huge part of your life! Change is hard!

Changing what you eat and your habits around food is filled with so much emotion! It is so controversial in your social circles and family. It effects every part of your life. It took me two tries to get it right!

Christmas tree hunting Thanksgiving weekend 2017. A couple weeks after becoming vegan.

I went vegan in November 2017 when my friend asked if I would be her diet buddy.  

The main reason I wanted to go vegan was to help alleviate allergic reactions and sensitivities that plagued me, and in turn, my family and my work.

When I was exactly one month post-partum, with my now-5 year-old daughter, I started getting crazy bloating, stomach pain and what I now know as fatigue and brain fog. The fatigue was so bad that I would just plop down on the couch after work and my husband would take care of our daughter, clean the house and make dinner.  This was unfair to my amazing husband.

I had brain fog so bad that I thought I still had insane Mommy Brain. I felt like an idiot a lot of the time, I was so forgetful. This affected my work most especially. No one said anything to me but I know I had to sound super out of it because I couldn’t form coherent sentences most of the time.

The bloat was so bad that I looked 4 months pregnant! I thought it was post-partum belly fat.

One of my first food pictures after going vegan. Mushroom pizza is still a favorite!

Saying I felt much better after eliminating my allergens is woefully inadequate. I felt like a different person!  No more debilitating fatigue, stupefying brain fog, and painful bloating! I never want to eat an egg again!

My family is much happier as well! I have the energy to play with my daughter and split up the household chores with my husband. I want to go out for a run now!

As a vegan who transitioned mostly on my own with trial and error (don’t use soy milk in mashed potatoes). I know how daunting it can be. The transition can be hard with all this conflicting information out there. What should I do first? How do you get your protein? I thought carbs were bad! How do you substitute egg?

Vegan, gluten-free German chocolate cupcake I made in early 2019.

I share with you the lessons I have learned going vegan on my own. I share resources, recipes, substitutions, and a lot of information about dairy and its substitutions, tofu and its controversy, what to eat at restaurants, how to read food labels, hidden animal ingredients, how to convert your favorite recipes, and on and on and on.

Let me guide you into a new paradigm. Let me help you discover an amazing world outside the limiting animal products and into an amazing lifestyle!

Visiting Disneyland with my Wall-e plant based shirt. There are vegan options everywhere!

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Author: opalvegan

Helping women transition to a vegan and gluten-free life.

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